Customer/Employee Experience has had many, many definitions over the years. Most of them are either impracticable or bordering on naive .

My stance is that the experience as a strategy, is about the measurement, monitoring, and management of memorable experiences customers have. I make this distinction on them remembering things. Because only something the customer/employee can remember will actually influence their future behaviors – and therefore business success. Working on anything else is a waste of energy, time and resources, plain and simple.

A successful customer experience strategy harnesses the understanding of what the customer remembers and how to design memorable experiences to spark rapid and sustainable growth.

I feel  with COVID-19, we are some sort of a crossroads time.

Some businesses will be faced with the decision on whether they are ready to truly embrace customer experience as a strategy. And face the challenges of legacy systems and cultural transformation.

The businesses who are more advanced with their transformation, will come to term with the fact that ‘digital transformation’ is just one facet of a successful customer experience strategy. And will finally embrace a more holistic view to the customer experience.

That’s what 2020 will be about.

True business transformation through people, not AI, AR, VR or any other acronym or technology. The CX/EX management will need to find new ways to innovate. A lot of things that industry is doing now is a bit older or getting there, therefore innovations and ways to improve it will be key.

When CX/EX has control of or at least significantly greater influence , we can truly make a difference for the people we serve.