Try these three strategies and prevent unconscious bias from derailing your results:

Break Out of the Box:

Do you struggle to get along with a particular person at work? List all the reasons why. Perhaps they’re unreliable, their sense of humor is cutting, or they interrupt constantly. Now set that list aside and write three things you admire about that colleague.

Stretch yourself if you have to. Challenge your fixed mindset about people or situations, and you might find new opportunities opening up. Do this anytime you have a sense of hesitation or dread about working with someone.

Get to Know Other People’s Stories: 

Are you seeing them as a whole person or just a job function? Do you, for example, know about their career goals? Their professional heroes? Why they chose their profession?

If you don’t know, ask. Knowing more about someone can help you collaborate better and can often provide great insight into their perspective.

Keep Exploring:

Dive into the wealth of books, podcasts, and websites offering diverse perspectives. While we are more connected than ever, the information we consume is also more specialized than ever.

Exercise your creativity muscle about the world around you then bring that curiosity to your leadership. Broadening our perspectives builds our sense of empathy and curiosity and helps us imagine a world outside of ourselves.