The signature CEX (Customer/Employee eXperience) program, which takes you on a journey into elevating the authentic human experience in every contact.
Are you struggling to keep your best talent from quitting?
Do your employees feel frustrated and not empowered to do their best work?
Do your customers often voice their dissatisfaction?
Our programs are ideal for creating; we’re all in this together” mentality.
If you prepare to create a sustainable culture of “You wouldn’t believe” and realize its ROI for your business, we’d love to partner with you to make it happen.

CEX methodology

The CEX is intentionally non-linear and non-cyclical. The rationale? We found that participants do not always follow the linear or cyclical elements of clarifying the issues, getting the evidence, planning the action, acting.

CEX supports dives into the different facets, helps participants to explore ‘where they are at,’ and flow occurs without the pressure.

In an organizational context, contracting can be two, three, or more ways when necessary due to complex dynamics, and the model shares with all relevant stakeholders.

CEX planning

CEX planning is about ‘creative solutions,’ co-creating, and ‘establishing goals with measurable outcomes’ and being aware of the ‘different stakeholders’ parts in systems.

CEX planning brings in accountability measures and who or what can support the participants around accountability. It also ignites the exploration of connection and identification of what Results will look and feel.

CEX planning raises awareness and supports’ generation of options’ as well as different perspectives, reminding the participants that they are not alone with video calls to follow up and through a private group on Facebook.

CEX planning is also about designing action, realizing potential set-backs, and planning ways to tackle them to get back on track as smoothly and quickly as possible. Measures of desired Results are clear, as are the optimal situations, way of being, critical incidents, and significant others who can support Results in various ways, including acting as change agents and brand ambassadors in organizations. It can reduce silos in organizations as well as encouraging internal networking for optimizing organizational Results.

CEX planning is a framework that supports change and transformation.

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