My mission is simple. I want to help successful people achieve positive, lasting change in behavior, for themselves, their people, and their teams. I want to help you make your life a little better with decades of experience working in top corporations and overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors to achieve greater success. Now, I don’t do this for fame and accolades. I do this because I love helping people!

As an executive educator and coach, I work directly with a limited number of high-level professionals. I help people understand how our beliefs and the environments we operate in can trigger negative behaviors. Through simple and practical advice, I help people achieve and sustain positive behavioral change.


As a business educator and coach, my singular ability to get results for top leaders has allowed raising the top senior position in corporations with strength in addressing change in the workplace. My method is practical and proven techniques.

  • Delivering keynote speeches about leadership and coaching for professional associations, executive groups, and human resource organizations.

  • Teaching leaders and HR professionals to become great coaches.

  • Helping large organizations establish a peer coaching process.

  • Building teamwork through the unique “team-building without time wasting” process.

  • Developing a customized leader of the future profiles that describe the desired behaviors (or competencies) of future leaders in the organization.

  • Delivering leadership training that helps leaders align their behaviors with their organization’s leader of the future profile.

  • Following-up and measuring the results of coaching or training through the mini-survey process.

  • I coach to design the business process into a framework which focuses on four key areas, which are:

It can be from just either a half-day strategy session or a six-month coaching engagement. I offer programs that are personalized offerings and price accordingly.

If you think you could benefit from an intensive session where we focus 1-1 on sharpening your brand, enhancing your status as a recognized authority, and taking you to the next level professionally, contact me with questions or sign up. I look forward to collaborating.

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