The Key Promise Indicator (KPIs) is a tool that is designed to measure your company’s performance. We weigh in terms of its purpose, finance, food, relationship, mindset and practices, emotional health, body and movement, and office and environment.

Why Use FEELGOODX’s Assessment?

By taking the itemize scorecards; you can have a birds-eye view of your business’ overall operations. It allows your business to identify the areas that could improve across the eight elements of FEELGOODX. The FEELGOODX Assessment will provide your business with a holistic report on how your business is performing at the highest and lowest point.

Why Become A FEELGOODX-corp?

  • Your company can lead a meaningful movement for corporations
  • Your company can empower individuals, industries, and communities
  • Your company can attract and retain talents
  • Your company provide quality product and service
  • Your company can attract investors
  • Your company’s team members will increase productivity


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