Do you know that customer experience is ‘new’ marketing?

50% of your customers return to your business after a positive customer experience from the statistic. It is not because of the banner ad they saw outside. It is the positive customer experience, a concept that transforms your clients into devoted buyers!

Studies have shown that high-performing companies that enjoy consistent growth. They focus on crafting experiences. There is a significant gap between the experience businesses believe they’re delivering and the one that their customers are receiving.

Marketing handles the creation and sustainment of experiences. Thus, customer experience is the new marketing.

Marketing can lose relevance with the customer expecting something more customized for each of their need. Mass marketing is no longer a trend. The typical marketing is about advertising, branding, and pushing messages. A quick comparison between Tesla and Daimler-Benz shows this to be true. Mercedes C-Class sold 77’000 cars in 2016 in the United States. Tesla, targeting the same market, sold 325’000. Mercedes spent 90 times more than Tesla on advertising their product and sold one-fourth of the volumes sales of Tesla. The critical difference is not in how they advertised but in how they viewed marketing.

Tesla followed a primary marketing business model, which is to market first to create a connection with their audience.

Marketing always comes second base only to support sales and not build a brand or connect with the audience. The creative lens of marketing has to shift toward focusing on the concept of customer experience. Experience wins over everything else.

Do you have customer experience figured out?

Companies need to have a complete understanding of their customer journey. They can better contextualize their marketing and so their customer experience. It would be best if you focused on delivering more human-to-human experiences interactions. It will create a better and more personal experience for the customer. Marketing will continue to become a part of everyone’s role. It is much in the same way that the customer experience is every employee’s responsibility.

Few companies are experts at customer experience strategy and execution. Space is evolving based on changing customer expectations and customer experience technology enhancements. At FEELGOODX, we have a complete view of the customer journey and use the latest technologies to enhance both the customer and employee experience. Your employees engage and motivate, which drives long-term loyalty and impacts customer interactions.

We will use the five key elements in working with you:

  • Available: Helping people achieve the value they seek at the moment
  • Permissioned: Giving people what they’ve asked for, on their terms
  • Personal: Going beyond how personal it is to how you can deliver it
  • Authentic: Combining voice, empathy, and brand congruence
  • Purposeful: Creating a deeper connection to the brand, beyond the product

By leaning with us who knows customer and employee management inside and out, companies will be able to offer excellent customer care experiences with less risk and more rewards.

CEX- hands-on management will forever change how you think about the purpose and practice of marketing.

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